Welcome to February, One Day Minus Forty Windchill next Day 10 F


January 2023 Photos etc

5 Islands Fundy 22 Five Island Provincial Park

                                                        on the Bay of Fundy

Bales frozen 22 Full Moon on  Frozen Bales, Cumberland County

Cloud sunset pugwash 22 Pugwash Sunset   

Mexico22  Yucatan, Mexico

Cuban Flower22 Flowers on the Beach

Earltown Lake 22 Earltown Lake, Colchester County,

                                                       Almost frozen.

east Chester 22 Lightning over East  Chester

Ruston Beach22 Rushton Beach, Pictou County

Snow Clouds 22 Snow on the Bog, near Caribou Island

Sunrise on a Cold Morning 22 Early Morning Sunrise, Cumberland County

Windy Day22 Windy Day, Cumberland County

Looking forward to my 2 week

Photo trip to Cuba.

Next  month”s Post will be all about

Cuban Life

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Fall 2022 Photos

Amherst Point 22 Fall harvest was well under way when I spent a day in the Amherst area looking for possible images to  catch my eye. This farm was near the commuity of Nappan, Cumberland County.

Clamatis June 22 This is one of my three Clematis that I have in my garden. As you  can see it did very well this fall.

blue sea b 22 Blue Sea Beach in Malagash. I going swimming there with Fergus my dog 4 times a week. Great for a long walk on a beach any time of year. Photo opportunities are always available.

Blue Heron 5-22 (1 of 1) Blue Herons are always looking for a meal. On average I take about 45 photos that make the cut out of the several hundred that I capture each season.

heron no. 3 22

This Photo was taken in River John

Pugwash Heron 22 Pugwash was dealing with the Aftermath of  Fionna when I captured this image.

wood Pecker red 22 The Pileated Woodpecker is always Perfect for Photos. In this case two of them were very busy having Lunch on the Sand Point Road in Tatamagouche when I took their picture.

Hello 22 I have many friends on the farms of Colchester and Cumberland Counties. My Buddy here lives near River John with a small herd of Highland  Cattle.

crack of Dawn 22 

7 am on a Sunday Morning in River John. Every Sunday between 7am and 10 I go looking for Photo Opportunities.

Amherst Car22

If I can’t find a landscape than a Car lost in the woods will do.

PEI Quiet Sunrise 22 A quiet morning in PEI the week before the Hurricane brought Havoc to Atlantic Canada.

a tree alone 22 I can’t drive by a Lone Tree in a field without taking a photo.

A Tree in Bog 22 

This my Photo Painting of a Lone Tree in a Bog.

Tree in Fog 22 Most of its leaves were on the ground but it still caught my Eye.

Boat 22     Two photos in early Fall   on the North West Arm in Halifax.              


 NW Arm 22

boat on shore 22 

A Boat on the Shore in Goose Pond on the Viking Coast

3 Churches22 

Mahone Bay , the Lovely Three Churches

Almost Frozen final22 

Early frost near Tatamagouche last month.

BayHead 22 

Bayhead, Tatamagouche, quiet morning before Church.

Bridge French river 22

Bridge over the French River.

brule final 22 7 am,  Brule in early Fall

Dublin Shore 22

Dublin Shore near the LaHave River

French River  Perfect22 

Harvest on the French River on the Lake Road

Malagash today22

Sunday Morning near Malagash, –4

Thinkers Lodge 22 Thinkers Lodge Pugwash

Wallace Bay 22 Wallace Bay  Oct 23 Wallace Bay 22

I am on a weekly basis looking at photos that I took several decades ago. Today’s photo apps open new editing  options.

Here is one  from many years ago.

Pyrenees 1970 22 

The Border between France and Spain  circa 1970

Enjoy your Holidays this month and I will Post

Again in The New Year











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The Winter Photos 2022

The snow arrived every weekend but instead of leaving by Monday it turned to ice and then came back the next weekend. Bottom line, by March the snow was higher than my back fence and the deck had a solid foundation of Ice that only left last week.

Despite the in climate weather I managed to take photos once the streets were ploughed  then I could get on the road again.

a Crow 22 

Every day despite the snow and wind the local gathering of Crows and Ravens visit the woods behind my house.

a wallace Eagle topaz22 Some birds are bigger than others. This one and his mates can be seen in Wallace on most days near the water.

Cormorant Wallace 22 

Just before the ice froze  in Wallace Bay this cormorant and his travelling companions  were taking advantage of a last meal in Cumberland County before migrating South for the winter.

Fleming Park22    Fleming Park in Halifax on a quiet but     cool day in early December.

a Golden topaz22 

Island Road Malagash just before the frost blanketed the bog.

Amherst Shore 22 Amherst Shore . The house has now left but the Tree remains as do the memories of those who lived there.

A Oxford Brook Final22 

Oxford , the stream that flows into the River Philip.

Final Image22 

Tatamagouche on a Quiet but cold walk on The Canada Trail.


The Canada Trail leading towards The Creamery Square.

Ferguson Cove perfect22 

Ferguson Brook and The Waughs River in March, the ice was breaking.

grand Pre 22 Grand Pre on a very windy and cold day in late December. I was the only visitor that morning.

Middle Cove Luminar22 

Middle Cove near Peggy’s Cove. I stopped for a Picnic Lunch on a cool day. It is always a pleasure to visit the small communities in our Province where fishing for a Good Living was once possible.

P C Lighthouse22 

Peggy’s Cove, early morning before the tourists arrived.

Split Level hdr22 

Amherst Shore. A house that has many stories to tell .

Port Howe Barn  Perfect22 

Port Howe Barn. I have passed by this small farm on many occasions but this was the Day that I chose to photo the Barn.

Port Howe 22 

On my drive from Amherst to Tatamagouche I captured this moment on the River Philip.

ice almost gone 22 

Ice almost gone for 2022, Barachois Harbour.

Spring has arrived despite the fact

that it is snowing again.

New Posts will be available Soon.

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Summer of 2021 My Favorite Photos

Rushton Topaz22   Ruston’s Beach Marshville

view cottage T122    Cape George,

                                  Antigonish County

pei week Topaz22 North West Coast of PEI

pei sunset (1 topaz22 Sunset near Skinner’s Pond PEI

PEI Fox Park 3 (1 of 1) PEI Fox looking for lunch PEI Fox Park 2 Topaz His Brother looking for Dinner

PEI Birds5 (1 of 1) A Trio of Herons, PEI

PEI Birds2 (1 of 1) A Quiet Rest after Breakfast

July 15 HERON22 Caribou Island, Pictou County

brule heron22 On the Hunt, Malagash

Canada Day Heron 22 Early Morning , Pictou County

Morning G 22 Clematis in my Garden

Larry's River 22 Larry’s River near Torr Bay

Judith topaz22                   Judith 22 

Oct 17 Painting 22 Cabot Trail Cape Breton

tyler Perfect22 Bayhead near Tatamagouche

Island Rd July221L (1 of 1) Island Rd Aug 21 Topaz22   Malagash

2 bLUE Topaz 22        Blue Sea Beach

I hope you like my Selection

Next month I will publish my Fall Pictures

Edward Sampsn

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May and April 2021 Photos

Barachois in May 22 

Barachois Harbour Sunday Morning 7am

Blue Sky22 

Early Afternoon view from Patterson Wharf

Breakfast luminar22 Breakfast before the Rain starts

Dreary House22 

Highway 6 House on a Gloomy Day


Grand Pre Farm on a warm Spring Day

heron 3 luminar22 

Caribou Island looking for Lunch

Lean on Me 22 Lean on Me

low tide luminar22 Low Tide , French River Bridge

Pictou Cow Luminar22                    Pictou Horse Luminar22.

My Pictou County Friends

                               Rushtons in May 22

Rushston  Beach 8am  Sunday Morning

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March 2021 Photos of the Month

Spring is almost here but the Snow and the Cold Winds persist

When will it end?

Big Bird22 This lovely Gull did not find any leftover fish at the feeder. Despite that he and his Pal spent most of the day in early March on my deck.

                                                                                                    Big Birds Luminar22

Caribou Sunrise Luminar22 A very early Sunrise on Caribou Island. Pictou County.









Nothing better to Photograph than Highland Cattle. In most cases they are very happy to spend some time with you . This one lives in Pictou County with his fellow Highland cousins 

                                                                           Pictou Cow Luminar22

In the Field Luminar22 

Sunrise on the Farm. The snow is now starting to melt and give a bit of Life back to the pasture.

                                                          Moon over Kemptown Luminar22

                                                                      Moon over Kemptown

Murdock Bridge luminar22 The ice is breaking up on The Waugh’s River

                                        The Falls March 221 Luminar22 Spring Rains overwhelm the Fish Ladder at The Falls

Water  flow luminar22    Beaver Dams emerge from the Winter Snow

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2021 February Photos

Luminar Cow 3 Feb 25 22  I never pass up an opportunity to take a photo of a Highland Cow. They are Wild, Majestic and in most cases they are very willing to have a chat over the fence.

H Cow 2 Feb 22 On this occasion it was minus 12 with the snow blowing from every direction.

H Cow 22 

 Eagle 3 year old 22 Pictou County on a very pleasant morning. There were approximately 35 Eagles of various ages feeding in a farmer’s field.

Cape John Topaz22 A very cold early morning at Brule Point looking towards Cape John. With the Wind Chill it was close to minus 20.

Kieth's Birthday 22 I took this photo last June at Peggy’s Cove. I have managed to improve both my Editing Software and some new skills.  It is treat to go back and reedit older photos from my Photo files.

stonhenge New Sky22 Stonehenge taken in 2005

Malagash Sunset Luminar22 

Sunset over Malagash taken from Brule Point

Wentworth Park Feb 2021 L 22 Wentworth Park , On that day it was perfect conditions for Snow Shoes or Cross Country Skis

Winter Wonderland 22 Winter Wonderland , Pictou County

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The First Monthly Post for 2021

Needless to say I certainly hope that 2021 will be Better for all of us.

I have Plans for 2021 that will involve my Blog  www.waughsriver .com

I have every Photo negative, slide or digital phot file since my move England in 1969.

Unfortunately the photos that I took in the early sixties were lost. They included photos of many of  the Popular Musicians of that decade who went on to international fame.

C’est La Vie,  Life goes on.

On a more positive I have chosen 50  of my favorite photo images and hopefully my book

50 Years, 50 Photos,  50 Comments

will printed by Spring.

I will keep you posted.

January Photos 2021

Earltown House AI22 

Earltown Sunset, this photo was the most popular that I have ever posted on Social Media .

Caribou Lighthouse22 

Caribou Island Lighthouse on a day of high winds and minus 7 C

Eary Morning SkyFinal22

7.45 am, January 10, A sensational Morning Sky to start your day.

Kemptown Roadai22 Kemptown Mountain

 Thorburn Car Luminar22  This one had Better Days

Two Sisters22 Two Sister, River John 

Willow Church Final22  Willow Church Road, Tatamagouche

You can always make a comment to [email protected]




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Photos for December 2020

Amy's Farm-Painting22

Quiet Farm not far from my home. I cannot resist capturing  these images. It is a pity that Life on the Farm has changed. I remember my Grandmother’s small farm in Cape Breton and my own in Scotland some 45 years ago. A great way of Life but hard to make a living.

Barachois No. 22

Barrachois Harbour always provides a Landscape to capture.

Barachois Tree22

Reflection makes a great Image but also reminds us that Reflection is a good habit as well.

Dead Tree Final22

Beaver Pond near Caribou Island. The Clouds that day were the attraction.

Fall Island Final Sky22  Fall Colors on The Island Road, Malagash.

Old House Nov 1822 

Old and very small. House near River John

Poplar Hill Final22 Poplar Hill Road on a very cold morning.

Enjoy your Holiday Season

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today posts

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