January 2023 Photos etc

5 Islands Fundy 22 Five Island Provincial Park

                                                        on the Bay of Fundy

Bales frozen 22 Full Moon on  Frozen Bales, Cumberland County

Cloud sunset pugwash 22 Pugwash Sunset   

Mexico22  Yucatan, Mexico

Cuban Flower22 Flowers on the Beach

Earltown Lake 22 Earltown Lake, Colchester County,

                                                       Almost frozen.

east Chester 22 Lightning over East  Chester

Ruston Beach22 Rushton Beach, Pictou County

Snow Clouds 22 Snow on the Bog, near Caribou Island

Sunrise on a Cold Morning 22 Early Morning Sunrise, Cumberland County

Windy Day22 Windy Day, Cumberland County

Looking forward to my 2 week

Photo trip to Cuba.

Next  month‚ÄĚs Post will be all about

Cuban Life

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