Over the past twenty years I have written scores of short stories. Many are humorous, none are truly sad and all of them are between 1200 and 1500 hundred words.

Characters or themes come and go but a few are real keepers to to speak.

Murphy is top of the list. Our Springer Spaniel has gone everywhere with us and therefore he has witnessed  the ups and downs over the past 13 years better than anyone.

Buddy the Down the Road is a frequent visitor to my stories. Buddy is the perpetual politically incorrect guy who lives down everyone’s road. He knows better, he done more and he is always right. Buddy is one character that we all love but none of us invite him to dinner.

My Family members pop up now and again but always in a nice way.

Subject matter has and will always be what ever interest me that day. Therefore don’t try to make sense of the order in which I post these dispatches .

On  every Monday I will post another thought, once a month I will post a full story. Your comments are always welcome and if you find the stories interesting, pass them on to a friend.


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