Spring is almost here but the Snow and the Cold Winds persist

When will it end?

Big Bird22 This lovely Gull did not find any leftover fish at the feeder. Despite that he and his Pal spent most of the day in early March on my deck.

                                                                                                    Big Birds Luminar22

Caribou Sunrise Luminar22 A very early Sunrise on Caribou Island. Pictou County.









Nothing better to Photograph than Highland Cattle. In most cases they are very happy to spend some time with you . This one lives in Pictou County with his fellow Highland cousins 

                                                                           Pictou Cow Luminar22

In the Field Luminar22 

Sunrise on the Farm. The snow is now starting to melt and give a bit of Life back to the pasture.

                                                          Moon over Kemptown Luminar22

                                                                      Moon over Kemptown

Murdock Bridge luminar22 The ice is breaking up on The Waugh’s River

                                        The Falls March 221 Luminar22 Spring Rains overwhelm the Fish Ladder at The Falls

Water  flow luminar22    Beaver Dams emerge from the Winter Snow

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