First time visit to Pomquet the Acadian Village  and its Holy Cross Church

(Église Ste. Croix)

Holy Cross Church (Église Ste-Croix), a Roman Catholic Church, has been the focal point for the community of Pomquet for many generations. The church is located in the centre of the community, on a small hill overlooking Pomquet Harbour.

Father Pierre Baccardax has served as pastor of the community of Pomquet since 1957. Weekend masses are celebrated on Saturday at 7 PM and Sunday at 9:30 AM, both with music supplied by one of two community choirs. Weekday masses are also held at various times. Religion classes are taught to school-aged children weekly during the school year at the nearby École Acadienne de Pomquet by community volunteers.


Pomquet Is just north of Antigonish and is a village that I passed by without every taking the quiet road that leaves the TransCanada and takes to this Village on the Northumberland Strait.  Pomquet has a wonderful Provincia Park and a Beach that is a worth a vist if not a swim. My photo of the Pomquet Village on the Hill  was taken this week just before the turnoff to the Beach.






Not more than 30 minutes from Pomquet is the Drive from Tracadie to Canso on Highway16 . Pleanty of many interesting Coves, Harbours and endless views of The Canso Strait.

Queensport Lighthouse and Rook Island






The Queensport Lighthouse establishes the maritime and historic character of Chedebucto Bay and nearby Queensport. As the only building on Rook Island, the lighthouse is highly visible from the mainland and all points in the harbour. The Queensport Lighthouse emerges from the horizon and announces its maritime function with its red-and-white colour scheme that vividly contrasts with the blue of the sea and the rocky terrain of Rook Island.
The Queensport Lighthouse is highly valued by the local communities of Queensport and the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. The distinctive profile of the lighthouse is used locally as a symbol of the Queensport community. The lighthouse is closely linked to the history of Queensport because many local families had ancestors who were light keepers on Rook Island.

The Town of Canso

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