Circa 2002 The Light

I am not looking forward to another drive to Truro. Worse than the drive itself will be the traffic to deal with. Robie Street will be crazy, bumper to bumper chaos. It will stretch all the way from Zellers to the Irving. You only had to see the color picture and the technical write-up in Sunday’s flyer to know that every sensible person will be there at 8 am on Monday to snap up this hot bargain.

The weather forecast was for plus 10 but the frost was still on Nutby Mountain as I drove through downtown Earltown. My drive was slow but I was still at the entrance to Canadian Tire by 7.45 am. A few cars were turning into Tim Horton’s for an early caffeine fix. I had no time for coffee or small talk, I was on a mission.

I knew that Buddy Down the Road had one and that my Uncle had two. My friend in South Branch took his out once and I noticed that it was still in the original box. He probably just wanted to show it off to his buddies. Once when I was in River John, I heard a few retired guys talking about foreign built models. According to them, foreign built ones never record accurately. It didn’t matter to me, it was time to have my own. Where it was built wasn’t important.

To some degree my day is driven by habits. I like to eat my lunch at 12 and have a cup of tea at 3. Like most retired men I like to add to my tool box at least once a month. This month my collection of prized tools is finally going to include a Deluxe Digital Volt Meter. It is of no consequence that I don’t know how to use it or that once put away on the shelf that I might never find it again. What is important, is peace of mind. I can rest easy at night knowing that I too own the latest technology.

Every week there are many retailers vying for our disposable income. In my case I want to identify the outstanding bargain, the one that can claim to be the best buy from the current batch of flyers. Perhaps it is the Habitat Pea Soup for 87 cents at Zellers or the 44 cent DVDs at your local Wacky Weekly’s.

This week without a doubt it was the Mastercraft 52-0060-6 Deluxe digital volt meter. No it wasn’t just 25 or 40 per cent off the suggested retail price of $59.99. It was on offer for the unbelievable low price of $23.99. Yes a fantastic 60 per cent off. I felt like my lotto ticket read 6 straight and I had the tag to boot.

Now the weekend flyers go way back with me. When I was still paying a visit to the day job, I would visit Canadian Tire or Kent’s on my lunch hour just to window shop. On Sunday afternoons I would visit my Uncle in Dartmouth and watched him scour the colorful weekly notices of the upcoming sales. He could always find the true bargains.

My uncle was one of the very few who bought a case load of Lea & Perrin sauce for half price. His basement always had extra six packs of cream soda and plenty of No Name Brand icing sugar. I would sit at his kitchen table while he cut out coupons for 10 cents off Brillo Pads. He was my mentor and I was a bargain hunter in waiting. I longed for retirement when I could join the exclusive club that truly recognizes when there is a good buy hidden in the weekly flyers.

Edward C Sampson

Quietly Retired on Waugh’s River

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