2021 February Photos

Luminar Cow 3 Feb 25 22  I never pass up an opportunity to take a photo of a Highland Cow. They are Wild, Majestic and in most cases they are very willing to have a chat over the fence.

H Cow 2 Feb 22 On this occasion it was minus 12 with the snow blowing from every direction.

H Cow 22 

 Eagle 3 year old 22 Pictou County on a very pleasant morning. There were approximately 35 Eagles of various ages feeding in a farmer’s field.

Cape John Topaz22 A very cold early morning at Brule Point looking towards Cape John. With the Wind Chill it was close to minus 20.

Kieth's Birthday 22 I took this photo last June at Peggy’s Cove. I have managed to improve both my Editing Software and some new skills.  It is treat to go back and reedit older photos from my Photo files.

stonhenge New Sky22 Stonehenge taken in 2005

Malagash Sunset Luminar22 

Sunset over Malagash taken from Brule Point

Wentworth Park Feb 2021 L 22 Wentworth Park , On that day it was perfect conditions for Snow Shoes or Cross Country Skis

Winter Wonderland 22 Winter Wonderland , Pictou County

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